Leopold Emmen /

is a collaboration between filmmaker Nanouk Leopold
and visual artist Daan Emmen.

Contact : info@leopoldemmen.nl


Re-construct: From where she lies she sees Venus rise
Het Archief, Rotterdam / 24.01.2023 - 12.03.2023

Installation view (work in progress) & model

Re-construct is a sculptural installation consisting of an unfinished inner space, containing apparently carelessly abandoned materials and rubble. In this room, two videos are projected and you hear a soundscape with a voice-over. In the outer space personal artifacts are carefully positioned. A plant, a broken bowl and tea towel on a box, photos, bones and two wrapped small paintings. The changing perspective in the narrated story fragments interferes with the videos and objects and suggests an event that repeats itself endlessly with subtle variations.

Duration: HD video 12"40' and 4"28, soundscape 36"00 in a random loop.
Variable dimensions: 2 m x 3 m x 4 m (approx.)


The sculpture was created with the cooperation of Arlène Hoornweg and Herman Lamers. The texts Cascando, A radio piece for music and Ill seen III said, both by Samuel Beckett and an excerpt from Life and times of Michael K by J.M.Coutzee are read by Steffan, an artificial voice of Natural Reader (naturalreaders.com).The music is by Marc Ribot Natalia in E flat major and Corkscrew by Oren Ambarchi.

Photography (c) Leopold Emmen


Another Woman
Oval Office, Bochum DE / 29.04.2022 (Premiere 18.00) - 05.06.2022

Another Woman, installation view

Another Woman is a film installation that tells a story about a woman who is leaving her partner to go live with another woman. Two women and a man, a universal theme - the end of an old relationship and the start of a new one.The installation explores the possibilities of a cinematographic and spatially designed narrative. Manifest on multiple screens it places the actions of the protagonists in a physical space. An invitation to the visitor to imagine those lives and to take part.

Another Woman is made in collaboration with the actor and singer Sandra Hüller, the choreographer Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and actor Gillis Biesheuvel.

Multiple Channel video installation, HD video, sound, mixed media.
Lenght 68 minutes, variable dimensions.

Opening Hours & location

29.04. – 05.06.2022, Di – So, 16:00 – 21:00
Oval Office, Eintritt frei
Opening: 29.04.2022 at 18.00

Oval Office, Schauspielhaus Bochum
Königsallee 15, 44789 Bochum DE




An installation by Nanouk Leopold and Daan Emmen
Curated by Tobias Staab

Perfomance: Sandra Hüller, Meg Stuart, Gillis Biesheuvel en Mijnheer Kien
Voice over: Sandra Hüller and Meg Stuart

Director of Photography: Frank van den Eeden
Camera assist: Bart Bleuzé and Krispijn Tant
Sound recording: Marcel de Hoogd

Film Production: Leopold Emmen and Manon Bovenkerk, Near by Film

Production Bochum Schauspielhaus Bochum, Oval Office, Johan Simons, intendant Schauspielhaus Bochum, Nadja Eller, production, Oliver Kroll, head ateliers, Wolfgang Macher and Nils Jaeger, video and lighting and Henry Skowronek, sound

Special thanks: Harry de Wit, Elsje de Bruijn, Wibinne Kien, Manon Blom,
Hans van den Berg, Jellier en Schaaf, John Zwaenepoel, Damaged Goods
en Coby Emmen-Neomagus.

Photography (c) Leopold Emmen

M.L. january 2021
Open Studios Borgerstraat, ART Rotterdam, 2022 / 19.05.2022 - 22.05.2022

M.L. january 2021, installation view

Multiple Channel video installation, HD video, sound.
Lenght 25 minutes, variable dimensions.

Borgerstraat Basement is a presentation of 3 installations with image and video by visual artists Leopold Emmen, Herman Lamers en Yvo van der Vat. On show on may 19, 20 and 21, Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam during the Art Rotterdam Week.

Photography installation (c) Ernst Moritz




Der Zwerg, Zemlinsky
The National Opera, Amsterdam / 04.09.2021(premiere) - 18.09.2021

Der zwerg: scenography and video design

Musical direction: Lorenzo Viotti, Stage Direction: Nanouk Leopold.
Scenography and video design Leopold Emmen.
Video editor: Francisca Toetenel, Costumes: Wojciech Dziedzic, Lighting design: James Farncombe
Dramaturgy Luc Joosten.

Donna Clara: Lenneke Ruiten
Ghita: Annette Dasch
Don Estoban: Derek Welton
Der Zwerg: Clay Hilley
Drei Zofen: Julietta Aleksanyan | Inna Demenkova | Maya Gour
Mädchen: Claire Antoine | Tinka Pypker

A tragic fairy tale set to music in one act. Der Zwerg, composed in 1922, is perhaps Zemlinsky’s best-known and most powerful opera. The story is an adaptation of a tale by Oscar Wilde and takes place at the birthday party of the Spanish crown princess, who receives a very special present: a little person, who is intended to cheer her up. To the guests’ surprise and amusement, the little man is completely unaware of his small stature; he also possesses a beautiful singing voice, which moves everyone who hears it. It is clear that there is the potential for feelings to develop between the princess and the little man, but what chance do these two have in a world where appearance is everything? Source: Dutch national Opera / De Nationale Opera

Photography (c) Marco Borggreve

Filmwork for Eye: 5 Scenes at a Walking Pace
EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam / 09.06.2021 — 05.09.2021

A filmwork for Eye: 5 Scenes at a Walking Pace, installation view

Mixed media installation, Theatre lighting and audio, variable dimensions. Total duration 18m43s.
Soundscape / SoundDesign: Donato Wharton
Production: Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam / https://www.eyefilm.nl/nl/programma/vive-le-cinema/53745

Photography installation (c) Studio Hans Wilschut

What have you done with the Scissors?
Borgerstraat Open Studios, Rotterdam Art Week, 2020

What have you done with the Scissors?, installation view

Single Channel video installation LED 150 x150 , two channel audio installation (6 100V mono speakers), mixed media (Flag 450 x350), variable dimensions.

Presentation P.T.I (Prefab Traffic Installation), 3 Moblle installations by Leopold Emmen in a collaboration with visual Artists Herman Lamers en Yvo van der Vat. On show on February 7, 8 / 11.00 - 19.00, Borgerstraat 24, Rotterdam, Art Rotterdam Week.Photography installation (c) Ernst Moritz


The Homecoming, a play by Nanouk Leopold
International Theater Amsterdam, 2019

The homecoming, stage, video stills and design

Staging Nanouk Leopold, Actors (ensemble) Achraf Koutet, Aus Greidanus jr., Fred Goessens, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Majd Mardo and Maria Kraakman. Author Harold Pinter, Video design Leopold Emmen, Scenography Elsje de Bruijn, Light design Mark Van Denesse, Sound design Roeland Fernhout. Photography (c) Dim Balsem (top, topright). Photos video still, stage and stage design (c) Leopold Emmen, Elsje de Bruijn / https://ita.nl/nl/voorstellingen/de-thuiskomst/313/

From the Life of the Marionettes, a play by Nanouk Leopold
ITA, Amsterdam 2017

From the Life of the Marionettes, on stage & stage design

From the Life of the marionettes by Ingmar Bergman, duration 1:45, première nov 5, 2017. Director Nanouk Leopold, scenography, Elsje de Bruijn, light design, James Farncombe, sound design, Donato Wharton, editor, Katharina Wartena. Photos left & top (c) Henri Verhoef, stage design (c) Leopold Emmen & Elsje de Bruijn / https://tga.nl/voorstellingen/uit-het-leven-van-marionetten


Sandra Hüller - The One (Official Video)

Directed by Leopold Emmen (Nanouk Leopold and Daan Emmen), cinematography Frank van den Eeden, production design: Elsje de Bruijn, costume design: Manon Blom.
Written by Sandra Hüller, Produced and mixed by Daniel Freitag, Mastered by Martin Ruch.
Vocals: Sandra Hüller, Guitar, Synthesizer, Percussion: Daniel Freitag, Percussion: Max Andrzejewski, Akkerbouw Records.


Study of a Portrait, an installation by Meg Stuart and Leopold Emmen
Rotterdam Art Week 2016, SlaakHuys, Rotterdam

Study of a portrait, video still, installation view

Five channel video installation, HD video, 14’23’’, 6’18’’, 6'05'’, 4'55'', 3'35'', audio, loop, mixed media, variable dimensions.
Leopold Emmen in collaboration with choreographer Meg Stuart (Damaged Goods).

Spaces of memory are the starting point for a video installation of which, after working for one week, a first version was presented on the 13th and 14the of February during Art Rotterdam.

Location: Slaakhuys, Slaak 34, Rotterdam.
Production Leopold Emmen and Damaged Goods

Installation Photography( c) Ernst Moritz. Videostills (c) Leopold Emmen / Damaged Goods

BildRausch Leader
Bildrausch Filmfestival, Basel, 2015-2017

Bildrausch Leader, long version, 38 seconds

Official leader BildRausch Filmfestival, 2K video, audio,duration 23s/38s, dimensions projection variable
Commisioned by the BildRausch Filmfest basel, 2015 - 2017

Modelling and editing: Leopold Emmen
Sound design: Harry de Wit


Surrounded By Sagacity
Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht, 2015


Surrounded By Sagacity is a group exhibition curated by guest curators Herman Lamers and Maaike Kerman. A collaboration of Teekengenootschap PicturawithEightfold.

Leopold Emmen presents a two channel video installation (HD video, audio, loop,
variable size) and a photo installation of seventeen silver gelatin prints.
The video work is an adaptation of the BildRausch leader, commissioned by the
BildRausch Film Festival Basel. Modeling & editing: Leopold Emmen, audio: Harry de Wit

Participating artists: Barbara Helmer, Josje Peters, Martijn Grooten, Laurien Dumbar, Steye Felix, Folke Janssen, Anita Hrnic, Just Quist, Daan Emmen and Nanouk Leopold.





Leeuwendalerweg 623 - 667, 3 scenes
OASE #91, tijdschrift voor architectuur, 2013

Leeuwendalerweg 623 - 667, 9 videostills

A contribution to OASE #91, tijdschrift voor architectuur magazine for architecture. A photo montage of 27 video stills and an online video presentation. The recordings were made in the stairwell/entrance hall of an apartment complex at Leeuwendalerweg 623 - 667, designed by Korth Tielens architects.


Freetown / Reconstruction
Teekengenootschap Pictura, Dordrecht 2012

Freetown / Reconstructie, installation view

Three-channel video installation, HD video, 18'00'', 36'00'', 108', audio, continuous, Mixed media, variable dimensions. Freetown / Reconstruction, Saturday 28 April to Saturday 26 May, in the Teekengenootschap Pictura in Dordrecht, 2012. Leopold Emmen in collaboration with DOOD PAARD / Photography: Ernst Moritz.


Freetown / Reconstructie
W139 Space for contemporary art, Amsterdam, 2012

Freetown / Reconstruction, installation view

Four-channel video installation, HD video, audio, duration (loop) and size variable.
Freetown / Reconstructie, 4 t/m 7 oktober in W139, Space for contemporary art, Amsterdam, 2012
Leopold Emmen in collaboration with DOOD PAARD / Foto: Ernst Moritz

Freetown / Reconstruction. A montage in three parts: a video wall as an autonomous image, the integral piece in an abstract studio setting and a stilled and enlarged close-up.

Leopold Emmen adapted the play 'Freetown' into a video installation for this exhibition. The play was written by Rob de Graaf in collaboration with the actresses Manja Topper, Lies Pauwels and Ellen Goemans for theater company Dood Paard. Freetown is about social and sexual emancipation, about power differences against the background of a society that mainly knows oppression and hopelessness. Three women meet at a resort in Africa, which offers the opportunity to meet young men who, for a fee, do everything that is asked of them.

Manja Topper, Lies Pauwels and Ellen Goemans: game
Leopold Emmen: direction, camera and editing
Lenno Increase: camera
Marcel de Hoogd: sound

Made possible with a contribution from the R&D budget of CBK Rotterdam.


In the Company of Bears
The roaming exhibition, Rotterdam, 2011

In the Company of Bears, fragment

In the Company of Bears, Videostill

In the Company of Bears, installation view

Three channel video installation, HD video, 3 x 19:24, continuous, audio, Mixed media, size 550x295x900

A man, a pregnant woman and two bears, at different times in the same room, alone or in each other's company

Herman Helle, Paulien Kalker, Arlene Hoornweg and Herman Lamers: game
Leopold Emmen: direction, camera and editing

n the company of bears was part of the 16e zwervende tentoonstelling, a group exhibition curated by Maartje Berendsen and Tamar de Kemp on view during Art Rotterdam 2011 in the Stadslaboratorium Schieblock, Rotterdam. Participating artists: Kiki Lamers, Bert Jan Pot and Tonio de Roover

Leopold Emmen in collaboration with theater group HOTEL MODERN.
Photography installation (c) Ernst Moritz

Sandra / Charlotte
The roaming exhibition, Rotterdam, 2009

Sandra / Charlotte, Video still

Sandra / Charlotte, installation view

Single channel video installation, HD, 15:42 minutes, no audio, continuous, mixed media, (HD video, wood, plasterboard, stucco), projection size 4.50x275

Sandra Höller: performance
Leopold Emmen: direction, camera and editing

The work was part of Monologue Intérieur the 14e zwervende tentoonstelling , a group exhibition curated by Maartje Berendsen and Tamar de Kemp, on location at Westzeedijk, Rotterdam. Participating artists: Merijn Bolink, Geerten Ten Bosch, Pietertje van Splunter & Zeger Reijers, Lisa Couwenbergh, Jan van de Pavert, Vanessa Jane Phaff, Berend Strik, Anne Wenzel, Milou van Ham & Jan Adriaans, Rince de Jong, Bouke Verwijs, Eveline Visser and Leopold Emmen.

He Who Travels / TRAVERSE [part 1]
Tentoonstellingsruimte Gemak, Den Haag, 2011

He Who Travels / TRAVERSE [part 1], installation view

Four-channel video installation, HD video, show duration 55:00, no audio, mixed media, variable dimensions

Performers ranging in age from 11 to 85 years dance in a space that is determined by the work of Karin Arink and Leopold Emmen and the vocals of Maartje de Lint accompanied by guitarist Martin Kaaij. A performance about the transfer of different generations through each other. And what is decisive in these encounters. Like a journey, where the last visited place determines the direction.

Artistic concept en choreography: Piet Rogie
Dance: Ana Ladas, Anand Bolder, Clémentine Vanlerberghe, Mirte Rogie, Piet Rogie, Rob Polak
Singer: Maartje de Lint
Musician: Martin Kaaij
Sculptures: Karin Arink
Video installation: Leopold Emmen
Photography installation (c) Ernst Moritz

The performance 'He Who Travels [part 1]' was shown on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August intentoonstellingsruimte Het Gemak in Den Haag.

10de museumnacht, Rotterdam, 2011

Emoticon, Video 4 van 20

Smartphone video installation
20 HD Youtube videos, variable lengths 0:45-2:33, audio, mixed media (HD video + Poster campaign).

A series of twenty short videos with a close-up of a face. In which the facial expressions have come about in a strictly directed game with the possibilities and limitations of the facial muscles. Part of the installation was a poster campaign: 20 different QR codes on posters were distributed throughout the city in an edition of 400 pieces. By scanning the QR codes with a mobile phone, you could watch the videos on your smartphone on location during the museum night.

Acting: William Veerbeek, Lenno Heighten and Herman Lamers
Leopold Emmen: direction, camera and editing

Emoticon was commisioned by the museumnacht Rotterdam and was shown at various locations in the city during the10de museumnacht.


Prefab, model II
Studiopresentatie, Rotterdam, 2009

Mixed-media (gipsplaat, foamboard), afmeting 60x120x27

Noordkaap projectruimte, Dordrecht, 2009

Prefab, installation view

Two-channel video installation, SD video, 2 x 6'00", no audio, continuous, mixed media, variable dimensions.
Leopold Emmen: 3D modeling & montage

A contribution to Kboek-Round Production, a conceptual artist book & group exhibition. K-boek is an open artwork without an imposed activist, moralistic or academic claim. A'conglomeration' of ideas on show in the Noordkaap Artspace in Dordrecht. Participating artists Hillegon Brunt, Dalit Sharon, Leopold Emmen, Lukas Simonis, Lenno Hoogte, Marit Shalem, Anneke Coppoolse, William Bottin and Joe Cillen. Curator & initiator: Marit Shalem, Spop


Prefab, model I
Studio presentation Rotterdam 2009

Mixed media (gipsplaat, foamboard), dimensions 60x120x27

International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2009

Close-up, installation view

A six hour film work (from dusk to dawn), HD video, no audio, dimensions 30 x 17 meters,
projection on the Hofpoort building in Rotterdam.

A moving image high above the city. A presence in the form of a huge close-up that stares straight at us. An exceptionally powerful tool that is rarely used in the mise-en-scene of film because it crosses the line between the viewer and the film reality. Who's looking at whom? A film image that changes only slowly. Time stretched, and the accidental spectators passing by, extras in the nightlife surronding a busy traffic interchange in the city.

William Veerbeek, Lenno Verhoog en Herman Lamers: spel
Leopold Emmen: regie & montage
Richard Oosterhout: DOP
Bram Meindersma: Sound
Productie: IFFR

De installatie is onderdeel van het programma Size matters, gemaakt in opdracht van het International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Huis Clos
De 12e zwervende tenstoonstelling 'In The Dark', Rotterdam, 2008

Huis Clos, installation view

Single channel video installation, SD video, 14'22'', audio, continuous, mixed media, variable size.

performers: William Veerbeek, Lenno Hoog and Herman Lamers.
Direction, camera & editing: Leopold Emmen

Huis Clos was part of IN HET DUISTER (in the Dark), the 12th zwervende tentoonstelling, a group exhibition curated by Maartje Berendsen and Tamar de Kemp, on location in Rotterdam. Participating artists: Tiong Ang, Cindy Jansen, MVRDV, Ine Lamers, Gabriel Lester, Erik van Lieshout, Marieke van der Lippe, Leopold Emmen, Pipilotti Rist, Femke Schaap, Raymond Taudin Chabot and Lidwien van de Ven.

The Studio
'Maak ons land' in het NAI, Rotterdam, 2008

Het Atelier, installation view

Het Atelier, installation view

Multi channel video installation, SD video, audio, mixed media, variable dimensions.

The space as director, the editing a parallel projection of series of short and longer sequences. A spatial reconstruction of the cinematic experience in which the mental space coincides with the physical space. A continuous action and reaction in a studio that behaves like a film set: it is the vehicle of a reality yet to be filmed. To generate an image, concrete spaces (models/cabins) are used in which the viewer's gaze is isolated. The lighting with film lamps and the spatial arrangement create a compelling viewing direction. A manipulated framework. Spatial constructions with varying frames manipulate the viewer's perspective. A space in which the visitor will contribute to the work (un)solicited: either as an extra, or as an actor or actress.

An autonomous contribution to Maak ons land in het Nederlands ArchitectuurIinsituut.
The exhibition was curated by Het Observatorium..

Leopold Emmen is a collaboration between filmmaker Nanouk Leopold
and visual artist Daan Emmen.

Contact : info@leopoldemmen.nl